Perspective Playground by JESTER

How would a 5-year-old solve your business problem? And what might be Kim Kardashian’s take on your KPIs?
Developed by Berlin University of the Arts students in cooperation with Berlin-based creative consultancy JESTER, Perspective Playground is a game driving innovation through creativity and leveraging the unique strengths of clients, environments, and situations.

We had tons of fun designing and developing the website for such a mind-bending game. Playing Perspective Playground will help you shift your paradigm, take a fresh look at the challenges, ideate and bounce ideas, and just have a great time.

Fun fact: all of those stunning animations are freestyle coding – meaning, we had no idea how we want the elements to behave, but instead took a good cup of tea (joking, it was obviously coffee) and played around.


“We gave NO BORDERS the creative freedom to bring our card game to life, and they truly worked their magic. The result was an exceptionally cool and well-thought-out website that perfectly captured the essence of Perspective Playground by JESTER. Thanks for your abundance of innovative ideas, great advice, unwavering dedication to excellence, and your unique talents. We eagerly anticipate our next collaboration!”

– Laura Blüggel and Benjamin Brudler, JESTER

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