Support Ukraine: WHY AND HOW


Planeta Atelier

  • Planeta Atelier

    Planeta Atelier

    Atelier Planeta is a sustainable fashion brand, a temple for experimental transmedia projects created by artist of Ukrainian origin Planeta Kuz.

  • OneUkraine


    OneUkraine is a non-profit organization built around data to provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine and spearhead scalable infrastructure projects.

  • Dzherelo


    Dzherelo pavilion is an independent art-space activating the public discussion through video-art public shows, performances, experimental electronic music concerts and lectures.

  • Mademoiselle Martina ORG

    Mademoiselle Martina ORG

    Mademoiselle Martina ORG is a charitable organisation focused on evacuating women, children and elderly people from Ukraine to Austria.

  • Femme Bass Mafia

    Femme Bass Mafia

    Femme Bass Mafia (FBM) is a non-profit organization offering DJ mentoring program for femme, trans and non-binary people, with a focus on bass music and the creation of safer learning spaces.

  • Haus/Wine


    Haus/Wine is a wine brand focused on sustainability and CO2 footprint reduction.

  • Speedyachting


    Speedyachting is a company providing the fastest luxury yacht charter on the Cote D’azur.



    Heritage Estates is a luxurious real estate agency operating in Austria, France, Germany, Croatia and the UK.

  • Print Labor

    Print Labor

    Print Labor is an Emirates based human resources organization supporting workers from the publishing industry and knowledge economy.

  • Petners Berlin

    Petners Berlin

    Petners is a non-profit organization helping Ukrainian animals by sending food and supplies to Ukrainian shelters and finding homes for shelter animals.